My Favourite Sydney Spots with AMAZING Plant-based meals

Posted in Lifestyle on July 12, 2018

My husband and I love good food and as we have gotten older, and have eaten our way through Sydney, we have our favourites we go to again and again… As a plant-based family we always need some good options but the ones I recommend here are not all “vegan” eats, but they all have great options. These are the places we eat at constantly, they are good quality and also lend themselves to a beautiful day because with children it can’t all be about the food, it also has […]

If You Struggle Being Vegan In a Non-Vegan World

Posted in People on June 26, 2018

Clare Mann is an Australian-based psychologist, existential psycho-therapist, best-selling author, speaker, and communications trainer. She consults with people worldwide to help address the personal and social challenges of being vegan and living in a non-vegan world. Her most recent book Vystopia explores the struggles we can experience when we discover the systemised cruelty to animals in our world – and that others don’t seem to care to change their consumer choices that directly contribute to this suffering. I know I felt the challenge when I became vegan 15 years ago… […]

Practical Tips For Lessening The Anxiety

Posted in Animal Welfare on June 22, 2018

This one I am writing for me at the moment:) Normally I am pretty centred and present but I have been experiencing moments of anxiety this year due to circumstance, perhaps yes… but I know all-to-well that no matter what the outer circumstance, it is our inner environment that matters. And we can help this inner environment. I also know very well though growing up with loved ones who suffer severe mental struggles that to dismiss something with a  “you have the power to control your inner-environment” is not acknowledging […]

Eating Less Meat To Feed The World

Posted in Animal Welfare on June 06, 2018

Our food on our plate. How easy is it to look at it and forget how it got to us, right? We are spoilt in that way I guess, because everything is a little “easier”  but it also does us a disservice because we don’t see or REALLY grasp the impact of the production of our products or food. How did that cow get fed? How much did she or he need to eat? How did that food get to them? What land was used to grow the food? How […]

Ondine Sherman, Co-Founder of Voiceless & Author, Educating Our Youth on the Truth

Posted in Animal Welfare / People on May 29, 2018

Ondine Sherman is a woman I love. Her gentle and kind demeanour in no way takes away from her strength, commitment and ability to be vulnerable in her work she shares with the world. Alongside of  steering the ship of the animal rights group Voiceless, she has also wrote three books, one, The Miracle of Love is about her journey mothering her twin boys who have genetic disabilities and is a real eye and heart opener, a must-read for everyone. The other two books are from her young adult fiction […]

Why NOW Is The Time We Must Speak Out To Ban the Live Sheep Trade

Posted in Animal Welfare on May 10, 2018

I have been wanting to write a post on the live sheep trade for a long time… literally years. But each time I go to, I have a major block around it because, as you will know if you watched any of the footage recently that Animals Australia bravely got, it is heart-wrenching disturbing. It is the sort of footage that makes you lose your breath, that springs tears to your eyes within minutes and personally, deep in my chest hurts with a sense of shame to be part of […]

Food Products You Wouldn’t Realise Have Dead Animals in Them

Posted in Animal Welfare on May 03, 2018

I have been living as a vegan for almost 16 years now. (And I am still alive and kicking despite what so many friends, family and even, can I say ignorant, health professionals told me – touch wood!) What continues to surprise me is how there are animals products hidden in so many food products that are not obvious unless you are aware of it. Even if you check labels it isn’t always clear – which I personally think isn’t right for the consumer. This is by no means a final […]

Navigating Protein Powders

Posted in Food on February 15, 2018

As a rule of thumb I always recommend to avoid processed foods and instead seek to consume everything it in its most natural state if possible, for the healthiest option. Yet sometimes we prescribe nutrients in supplement forms when needed for additional boosts in times of stress or overcoming illness – and they can be VERY effective. I have to wonder, in todays’s life, are we not all under a little stress… and perhaps our food is a little less full of nutrition because of our depleted soils and if […]

The Importance of Connecting To Spirit In Our Lives

Posted in Lifestyle on February 13, 2018

Connecting to spirit looks different for each and every one of us, but in my humble opinion, it is as important to carve time out in our lives to do so, as it is to eat and sleep. What even is spirit? Spirit is above and beyond religion and is the greater “energy” that exists beyond what we can see and touch. That connects us all, that runs through all. Religion can be the way some of us do connect to spirit, but is in no way, the only way. […]

Men CAN Be Strong Eating Only Plants

Posted in Animal Welfare on January 23, 2018

Shock. Strong men that only eat plants? No? The idea that you have to consume whole chickens, piles of steaks and wash it down with a smoothie containing a dozen raw eggs to be a strong man is still the general concept that is floating around, which may date back to cave-men days. Yet, thank goodness we no longer live in caves and now more and more prominent males in the spotlight are demonstrating that this is not the case. You can live a cruelty-free life and be healthy.  You […]

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