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What to Know When Choosing a Baby Formula

Posted in Food / Health / Products on September 10, 2015

My babies both hung off my breasts until 18 months. Beautiful and bonding yes, it also meant I was committed to being with them all the time and that often I felt like a cow. For me it worked, I loved the experience- the good and the bad- and I believe if possible it is the best option for your child for nutrition, for ease (no washing bottles etc), cost (although I was eating huge amounts of food) and immunity. However it doesn’t run smoothly for everyone. Lucky for me […]

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Whats The Go With Fake Meats?

Posted in Food / Health on July 20, 2015

When we choose to reduce or cut out the animal products in our diet for whatever reason, often we are still left with the desire for the familiarity of the foods we once loved. My father loved bacon and egg fry ups and so part of making the transition easier for him when he became vegetarian (as part of his healing from cancer), was sometimes having what I call “fakin bakin.” Meat substitute products and dishes are popular in many vegetarian asian meals and you see them especially in LA where […]

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Shark Fin Ban: Time To Put It Into Practise

Posted in Animal Welfare / Food on June 12, 2015

I went for yum cha last week with my daughter for her friend’s birthday party. As we walked in there was tank upon tank of fish and lobsters on death row. It was interesting for me to watch the children’s reactions as most of them banged on the tanks, amused, yet my daughter sadly went to the lobster, looked at me and said,  ” Mum, don’t people realise that lobster is probably 80 years old and now they are just going to kill him?” She was referring to a campaign […]

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Can Australia Learn from the The Real Cost Of New Zealand’s Dairy Boom?

Posted in Animal Welfare / Food on May 29, 2015

Photo: Fonterra NZ Dairy Farm Australia has recently signed the free-trade agreement with China. What has this got to do with living a healthy life?? For me, health extends also to the health of our environment and I am also interested in the cruelty-free aspect to the animals that will be effected with the FTA, since the dairy industry looks to be one of main industry’s to benefit. Dairy is the third largest agricultural industry in Australia, with a national dairy herd around 2 million cows and is worth $2.4 billion in […]

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What Are Your Thoughts On The Matrix of Eggs?

Posted in Animal Welfare / Food on May 06, 2015

I want to be clear, I am not particularly an animal lover in the way of going nuts over the cuteness of our furry friends. I never had walls of horse posters or am not really a softy for kittens. But I do have deep respect for all living beings and am often in awe of the abilities and perfect uniqueness these beings possess; of the amazing intricate details mother nature has equipped us all with. This is why I include this first video of chicks hatching, with their mum, […]

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Are You Choosing Wine that Is Animal and Environmentally Friendly?

Posted in Food / Products on March 27, 2015

Drinking alcohol is something I have looked closely at in my life. Obviously while I was pregnant and breast feeding I didn’t drink but then in 2013/14 my husband and I did a year without drinking for a more spiritual exploration at how we feel when we don’t “drug” ourselves. It was fantastic and I highly recommend it. Personally I came to the place where I feel comfortable to enjoy the very occasional drink on celebratory occasions, to let my hair down and share time with friends (although I do […]

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The Pig Farmer and His Empathic Pigs.

Posted in Animal Welfare / Food / Products on February 17, 2015

While I was away over Christmas I took the opportunity to visit some organic farms up the coast. As I drove into one in particular, through the lush winding road in the Byron Hinterland the farmer from Sunforrest Organic Pig farm, called to say he was going to be an hour late to our meeting. One of his WWOOFer’s was a vegan. He had liked working on the farm with the animals but that morning, before I got there, they were rounding the pigs up to take them to the slaughterhouse […]

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The Majestic Fish We Are Eating To Extinction

Posted in Food / Products on December 16, 2014

Tuna are one of the largest, most wondrous fish in our oceans. They are able to accelerate faster than a sports car, can dive 250m in less that one minute, and when allowed to live out their lives, can grow up to 700 kilos! However we are rapidly ripping them out of our oceans and causing havoc while we do so. There has been much press in recent years about the global problem, yet it blows my mind we continue to perpetuate the issue by consuming such vast quantities. These […]

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The Unseen Before Your Plate

Posted in Animal Welfare / Food on November 26, 2014

After I posted a photo of caged chickens and spoke about why my family (not me) eat only organic, pastured eggs, I had numerous emails alerting me this week of the horrors involved in hatcheries that many of even the organic egg farms source from. I was really pleased to know there are a whole bunch of people who are also aware of this unseen cruelties. At the same time, I also had lunch with a very intelligent, wonderfully conscious friend who was shocked to learn that dairy cows do […]

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The Truth about “Grain-Fed” Beef

Posted in Animal Welfare / Food on October 10, 2014

Photo is of a Feedlot near Bakersfield, California:  The U.S. is the biggest producer and consumer of beef in the world and originated ‘feedlot’ factory farming methods which have now spread around the world and are rapidly expanding in Australia with record numbers of cows, around 1.3 million currently in the 700 feedlots spread over our country. In Australia, the scenario is better than its US or Argentinian counterparts, as most cattle are able to graze in grass fields for the first part of their life but then spend approximately […]

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