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Why You Want To Detox To Start Your New Year

Posted in Health on January 26, 2016

After the silly season most of us have over-indulged and perhaps not been exercising as much as normal. I know when I put on a dress for my friends wedding on New Year’s Day I was not too happy that it almost didn’t fit over my backside! Surely those couple of weeks of a few too many pizzas and hot chips hadn’t affected me that quickly!? The dress said otherwise. For me my main concern is not how I look but how I feel and I know most of us […]

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What to Know When Choosing a Baby Formula

Posted in Food / Health / Products on September 10, 2015

My babies both hung off my breasts until 18 months. Beautiful and bonding yes, it also meant I was committed to being with them all the time and that often I felt like a cow. For me it worked, I loved the experience- the good and the bad- and I believe if possible it is the best option for your child for nutrition, for ease (no washing bottles etc), cost (although I was eating huge amounts of food) and immunity. However it doesn’t run smoothly for everyone. Lucky for me […]

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Whats The Go With Fake Meats?

Posted in Food / Health on July 20, 2015

When we choose to reduce or cut out the animal products in our diet for whatever¬†reason, often we are still left with the desire for the familiarity of the foods we once loved. My father loved bacon and egg fry ups and so part of making the transition easier for him when he became vegetarian (as part of his healing from cancer), was sometimes having what I call “fakin bakin.” Meat substitute products and dishes are popular in many vegetarian asian meals and you see them especially in LA where […]

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How to Shift That Cough That Just Won’t Go Away.

Posted in Health on June 04, 2015

I am not concerned when I see a cough that is productive and only sticks around for a couple of days; and in addition, is clearing progressively in a positive direction. But then there is that stubborn cough. It is never pretty when you are hacking away while out for lunch with a friend or at a meeting and people look at you like you have the plague. You try and persuade them you are in fact not contagious anymore but they still inch their chair away from you. Apart […]

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Getting Your Dose of “Fishless Fish Oil”

Posted in Health / Products on April 22, 2015

I would love to see how society would have reacted 20 years ago if we knew we would be popping “pills of fat” today at rates going through the roof. Essential Oil supplementation is one of the most popular health supplements today, mostly as consumers attempt to combat the rife inflammatory disorders that the population suffer from (likely from stress and poor diets). Perhaps it’s also due to our diets lacking enough good quality oils, likely as a result of the aftermath of the “fat scare” campaign of the eighties […]

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How I Overcome Reactivity

Posted in Health on March 05, 2015

I have spent the last year consciously working on my “shadow”. As I am human, there is always “work” in ourselves to be examined, reflected on and hopefully used as tools for growth to becoming a deeper and better person. Getting to know your shadow involves becoming intimate with the parts of you that you may not like and instead of ignoring them and only staying positive, you have to dip down and in, to feeling what may make us uncomfortable. Much of it is simply really getting to know […]

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My holiday kit for digestive health and emergencies.

Posted in Health on February 09, 2015

As an avid traveller and parent I have had my fair share of experiences with stomach health issues. I’m sure you know it well too, the wonderful vacation up in Bali, that really was relaxing until you found yourself running for the bathroom constantly, doubled over in pain and whimpering like a wounded child. The most challenging experience for us, was when my daughter suffered from the aftermath of “Bali Belly” for almost 5 weeks when she was only 3. This was when I became a little obsessed at learning […]

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Why Drink Filtered Water for Health.

Posted in Health on August 30, 2014

We often take water for granted in Western countries. I know I did… until I did a 30 day trek in the Indian Himalayas where there was defiantly no running water from taps- no showers- just the water from the freezing rivers and snow. After the month of using baby wipes and a hand pump filter for our drinks, we finally arrived at a tiny Indian town-Lay-where it was possible to pay for a hot bucket of water to wash with. It was HEAVEN. My new appreciation for water had […]

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Stress Relief Naturally

Posted in Health / Lifestyle on July 31, 2014

Stress or anxiety is a state of mind, often brought about by thinking and experiencing uncertainty about the future and if or how things will work out. It can also result from experiencing your current circumstances as adverse or challenging. By bringing your conscious awareness to the present, feeling gratitude, and accepting that the future is not certain, you can let go of the stress and experience a state of calm or better yet joy (yes, even during demanding times)! One in three Australians takes anti-depressants at one stage of […]

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Salad Dressings Making or Breaking your Meal?

Posted in Food / Health / Products on July 22, 2014

Salads are a staple of a healthy diet as they are an easy way to get a whole range of green leafy and fresh vegetables in, full of nutrients and live enzymes. Plus a good salad can taste great and be satisfying as well but the quickest way to make or spoil a salad is through the dressing you use. I highly recommend staying ¬†far away from any of the dressing in the supermarkets and trying some super simple delicious options yourself that are really are a no brainer. Supermarket […]

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