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Exchanging Energy With Our Food

Posted in Animal Welfare on October 31, 2016

What are your thoughts on energy and our ability to experience/share/exchange others energy with whom we interact with? Call me sensitive, but when I am around someone who is really angry, I can feel it, and when I am around someone who is depressed, I can sense it. I am certainly not alone in this, very normal sensation of “picking up on energy”. The energy can intensify when large groups of people take on similar emotions, such as joy (think about the buzz at festivals) or such as fear. Fear […]

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How The Elephants and Orangutans Need Our Help

Posted in Animal Welfare on October 27, 2016

For the last month I have written a few articles for One Green Planet and want to share a couple of them with you. What really got my heart beating when I was researching about the elephants and the orang-utans, is that the outlook for their future  is gloomy and devastatingly that future is estimated to become a reality within as little as a decade. I’m talking gone from the wild – and these estimations are not scare-tactics, we already are seeing many of the beautiful large species declining to […]

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The AMAZING chef, Tracy Noelle Shares Shojin Ryorui.

Posted in Animal Welfare / Food / People on September 01, 2016

Don’t you love it when the universe provides you what you have been praying for! I meet Tracy at a dinner party ( a Mexican vegan one at that) one night after I had spent all week talking about how I would love to have someone like-minded and as passionate about educating others in how fun and healthy a cruelty-free life can be, to join me on The Compassionate Road. Tracy is an amazing chef and vegan – and while I love cooking (and I am a little obsessed with […]

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Down The Farming Rabbit Hole With One Brave Woman, Sonia Faruqi

Posted in Animal Welfare / People on August 01, 2016

You wouldn’t know it from looking at the sweet face of Sonia in this photo – but this woman would have to be one of the strongest and bravest! Her recent book, Project Animal Farm, absolutely blew my socks off. Not only was it one of the most beautifully prosed literary defeats I have read, her thorough journey of discovery into international farming, from Canada and US, to Mexico and Belize, to Indonesia and beyond, went deeper than I could imagine. The result is a story that weaves jaw-dropping facts […]

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The Aussie Battle For Man’s Best Friend; Why The Ban on Greyhound Racing Needs To Go National

Posted in Animal Welfare on July 21, 2016

That adorable, vulnerable face! Whether you are a paleo, a vegan, a butcher or a yoga teacher, the majority of humans share a love for our four-legged friends and who doesn’t love a puppy! Yet, unless you have been hiding under a rock you will know that last year in Australia, the horrific scandal behind the greyhound industry was exposed on Four Corners, Making A Killing, revealing, amongst much other cruel practices, 8,000 of these innocent puppies and another 10,000 ‘retired’ greyhounds are being killed every year because they are not […]

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The Legal Side to Animal Welfare

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What We Can Learn From Animals; Jeffrey Masson

Posted in Animal Welfare / People on May 31, 2016

Jeffrey Masson is an author of over twenty-nine books, (wowsers) nine of them on animal emotions, which I encourage you to check out. Jeff has a Ph.D. in Sanskrit from Harvard University and was Professor of Sanskrit at the University of Toronto. He is a Council member of Voiceless and a huge inspiration to me. We share the love of salsa dancing, the Spanish language and his wife Leila is a vegan paediatrician, which means he is on the same page when regarding a healthy, cruelty-free lifestyle – something I […]

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Kangaroo Meat – an Ecological Solution or Disaster?

Posted in Animal Welfare / Food on May 02, 2016

You may have heard that eating kangaroo meat is the best option for the environment; after all kangaroos aren’t farmed, they are shot in the wild in their own environment and, as they are native animals, they don’t cause any negative impact for planet earth like raising other animals for their meat does. In theory it sounds wonderful. In reality it doesn’t stack up. First and foremost, industry estimates put the average amount of meat derived from a single roo at around 12 kilograms, enough to provide 48 people with […]

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Food Empowerment Project with Lauren Ornelas

Posted in Animal Welfare / Food / People on April 28, 2016

Lauren Ornelas is Food Empowerment Project’s founder and serves as the group’s executive director. She is also the former executive director of Viva!USA, a national nonprofit vegan advocacy organization. lauren has been active in the animal rights movement for more than 20 years. After spending four years as national campaign coordinator for In Defense of Animals, lauren was asked by Viva!UK to start and run Viva!USA in 1999. In cooperation with activists across the country, she worked and achieved corporate changes within Whole Foods Market, Trader Joe’s, and Pier 1 […]

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Satiating Our Appetite with Intelligent Beings – The Octopus

Posted in Animal Welfare on March 02, 2016

Octopus have got my little family in a whirl. I am normally the one who gets in a tizzy about the injustices and inconsistencies with the way society and people treat animals, but the topic of the octopus, was fittingly brought up by my husband. He was visiting a work colleague who had recently accidentally caught an octopus in a lobster trap and now has him locked in a small aquarium in his office. My husband asks dozens of questions when something gets his attention – it can feel like […]

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