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The Unsustainable Cycle of Upgrading; Are You Playing A Part?

Posted in Lifestyle on June 06, 2016

I drive a ten-year old, slightly banged up, Toyota Prius – as does my husband. We bought them together ten years ago as a conscious environmental choice, (I realise there are some debates about the energy it takes to make and dispose of the battery but we still thought they were the best option) and for what they stand for. This was a big move for my husband who is a sports-car lover! Each time over the years we have thought about changing cars and “up-grading” we continuously come back […]

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Are You Awake Or Hitting The Snooze Button?

Posted in Lifestyle on February 02, 2016

I strongly feel there is an awakening happening in the collective consciousness right now. Health and wellness is a booming industry, the organic movement is gaining steam swiftly and spiritual teachings are best selling novels and sell-out seminars. I have a positive view that this is a tipping point of a revolution…. There is still cruelty being inflicted around the world in unprecedented amounts to humans, animals and the planet, by powerful companies and people driven by greed, completely ignorant to the connection as a whole. But no great changes […]

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The Power Of Conscious Connection and Support

Posted in Lifestyle on January 19, 2016

Each year along this journey of life I am becoming more acutely aware at how important the support networks I surround myself with are and at what magnificent power there is, a magic, when we come together in a space of deep trust and vulnerability and share our highs, our lows and more significantly, everything that makes up the in-between; our raw “humanness”. I have also found that when we are truly sharing, we can resonate and deeply grasp the sense that I AM NOT ALONE. That we are all […]

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Environmentalist? What about your Diet?

Posted in Animal Welfare / Food / Lifestyle on November 29, 2015

Animal agriculture is responsible for 18 percent of greenhouse gas emissions, more than the combined exhaust from all transportation. [i] Spotlight: Livestock impacts on the environment. I don’t think any of us need reminding we are playing a dangerous game with the way we are treating our planet. With over 7 billion of us inhabiting this spinning orb, we need to work as a whole to overcome the issues of global warming and environmental destruction if we are going to leave a place as wonderful as it is now […]

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Awareness; From Yoga to Daily Living

Posted in Lifestyle on November 24, 2015

Yoga is continuously teaching me. It is my greatest tool I have been given in this life and one I am for ever grateful for each time I finish my practise. By coming to my mat daily over a sustained period, it has and continues to, take me on an inward journey to explore my internal nature, as well as giving me physical strength. The combination of movement and attention that yoga requires needs a certain amount of self-awareness. By experiencing and fostering this on the mat, it is then […]

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The Small Shiny Treasures Along The Way

Posted in Lifestyle on August 28, 2015

I don’t want to bypass the sweetness that life has to offer just to be on a “healthy” path or to reach “success”. For me it’s the little, often insignificant things that tally up each day that bring me the most happiness and peace when I close my eyes to sleep. I could die in that moment and be satisfied. Not because I have fulfilled my dreams or goals and not because I have “achieved” anything in particular. I’m not disregarding that reaching and striving for our ambitions can give us a […]

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What’s The Ecological Impact of Feeding our Domestic Pets?

Posted in Animal Welfare / Lifestyle / Products on August 02, 2015

I have two beautiful fur babies – schnauzers – that I consider as part of our family. I always had dogs growing up and couldn’t imagine not sharing my home with a furry friend. And I’m not the only one; 4.5 million of us in Australia are dog “owners”, 2.5 million have cats, in the UK there are 8 million cats and 8 million dogs, and in the US, 40% of households have a dog. In total there are currently around 1 billion pet cats and dogs worldwide, giving love and affection […]

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The Difference between Giving Up and Listening to Your Intuition.

Posted in Lifestyle on June 19, 2015

I find the balance between fear and intuition interesting and sometimes hard to distinguish. When we are all gung-ho on “making things work” in western society and defining our success on material wealth – giving up and quitting is generally not looked upon favourably. Got to make it work… I believe that there is a time, when you really are not feeling the love anymore, that perhaps it’s time to let it go. Yep. Time to call it quits. Scary. Because no matter what goals you set out to achieve […]

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The Gift of Motherhood

Posted in Lifestyle on May 19, 2015

“Nothing has a stronger influence psychologically on their environment and especially on their child, than the unlived life of the parent.” Carl Jung Some weeks I don’t get to my blog because life gets a little ‘busy’. At this stage of life, this really means my family requires more of me outside work time and as I have limited time, 168 hours per week, as we all do, I prioritise what I spend my time on. For me two values always rise over any of the rest. My own self-care and […]

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My Three Key Ways To Avoiding Toxic Chemicals When Renovating.

Posted in Lifestyle / Products on April 25, 2015

Building our dream home has been a fun, sometimes testing experience, which I am very grateful for. I was lucky to of had the chance to do a mini renovation in a previous apartment so had become clued in on the toxic overload that can occur with new materials! Back then, my daughter was a new born and although I knew about chemicals in medicines and foods, I had no idea when I laid the carpet-because it was soft for her to crawl on-that I was also covering the house with a […]

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