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Questioning Leather Today

Posted in Animal Welfare / Products on July 23, 2018

Animals skins pervade into all corners of our culture and life. We sit on them, we wear them, we cover the inside of our cars in them. And this is looked at as something to be excited about – we pay more for the leather interior, for the leather handbag and sales men tell us the couch is leather like that is a good thing. But is it? Most vegans vehemently argue it is not. And I don’t think this is crazy, despite the looks you can get when you […]

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My favourite Bags and Jackets That Don’t Cost a Life.

Posted in Animal Welfare / Products on October 12, 2017

I may not be the most fashionable person but I still like myself a beautiful handbag, a great fitting jacket and shoes that help add some sass to my step. For over 15 years now I have not worn leather and in no way have I felt that it has let me down on the fashion front… rather I still get comments about my shoes or bags from people when I am out and they are not aware they aren’t leather, confirming to me that you can avoid leather and […]

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Maintaining The Mane Naturally and Cruelty-Free

Posted in Products on February 04, 2016

I feel like I am an onion sometimes; continuously peeling back the layers, finding it can make my eyes water, but then clearing me out to feel oh, so much better. My latest “layer” has been letting go of chemical-filled conditioners. After some unlucky tries years ago, I didn’t think I could find a natural conditioner that worked on my dry, thick hair. I have committed to natural shampoos for myself and all hair products for my children, so it was time to find a conditioner. And I am so […]

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GUILTY. I Didn’t Know How Cute Silk Worms Are!

Posted in Animal Welfare / Products on December 15, 2015

My children bought 4 silkworms at the Steiner School Fair a few weeks ago. I didn’t think much of it, I just made sure we got a big box, that they were content and had plenty of fresh mulberry leaves. What I didn’t realise was that I would grow to care for the little caterpillars as I became fascinated watching them munch away on the leaves, growing bigger each day, moulting and finally weaving their magic silk cocoons for 2 days- out of one single 900 metre thread. They then […]

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Cruelty-Free Beauty with Emmily Banks

Posted in People / Products on November 21, 2015

Today I chatted with Emmily Banks who is a natural makeup-artist, eco-beauty advocate and founder of Depths of Beauty  and one smiling, awesome chick! Emmily is extremely passionate about sharing the importance of non-toxic beauty products for the health of our planet and its people, and is the perfect person to do so as she truly radiates beauty with her natural vibe and brilliant attitude. Much of the cosmetics we use today are full of nasties that can make their way into our bloodstream, especially after use day after day […]

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What to Know When Choosing a Baby Formula

Posted in Food / Health / Products on September 10, 2015

My babies both hung off my breasts until 18 months. Beautiful and bonding yes, it also meant I was committed to being with them all the time and that often I felt like a cow. For me it worked, I loved the experience- the good and the bad- and I believe if possible it is the best option for your child for nutrition, for ease (no washing bottles etc), cost (although I was eating huge amounts of food) and immunity. However it doesn’t run smoothly for everyone. Lucky for me […]

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What’s The Ecological Impact of Feeding our Domestic Pets?

Posted in Animal Welfare / Lifestyle / Products on August 02, 2015

I have two beautiful fur babies – schnauzers – that I consider as part of our family. I always had dogs growing up and couldn’t imagine not sharing my home with a furry friend. And I’m not the only one; 4.5 million of us in Australia are dog “owners”, 2.5 million have cats, in the UK there are 8 million cats and 8 million dogs, and in the US, 40% of households have a dog. In total there are currently around 1 billion pet cats and dogs worldwide, giving love and affection […]

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My Three Key Ways To Avoiding Toxic Chemicals When Renovating.

Posted in Lifestyle / Products on April 25, 2015

Building our dream home has been a fun, sometimes testing experience, which I am very grateful for. I was lucky to of had the chance to do a mini renovation in a previous apartment so had become clued in on the toxic overload that can occur with new materials! Back then, my daughter was a new born and although I knew about chemicals in medicines and foods, I had no idea when I laid the carpet-because it was soft for her to crawl on-that I was also covering the house with a […]

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Getting Your Dose of “Fishless Fish Oil”

Posted in Health / Products on April 22, 2015

I would love to see how society would have reacted 20 years ago if we knew we would be popping “pills of fat” today at rates going through the roof. Essential Oil supplementation is one of the most popular health supplements today, mostly as consumers attempt to combat the rife inflammatory disorders that the population suffer from (likely from stress and poor diets). Perhaps it’s also due to our diets lacking enough good quality oils, likely as a result of the aftermath of the “fat scare” campaign of the eighties […]

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Is Your Omega 3 Supplement Risking the Antarctic Wildlife?

Posted in Animal Welfare / Products on April 06, 2015

Photo: Krill cluster in vast multitudes, known as blooms in the waters of the Southern Ocean I encourage you to please watch at least the last two minutes of the below video of the migratory whales feeding on krill before reading this blog. What watching this 2 minutes did for me was enable me to connect for the love I feel for incredible Southern Ocean animals. I know the huge majority of the population also feel this towards the whales — hence why Australia is so vocal against the hunting […]

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