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Are You Choosing Wine that Is Animal and Environmentally Friendly?

Posted in Food / Products on March 27, 2015

Drinking alcohol is something I have looked closely at in my life. Obviously while I was pregnant and breast feeding I didn’t drink but then in 2013/14 my husband and I did a year without drinking for a more spiritual exploration at how we feel when we don’t “drug” ourselves. It was fantastic and I highly recommend it. Personally I came to the place where I feel comfortable to enjoy the very occasional drink on celebratory occasions, to let my hair down and share time with friends (although I do […]

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The Pig Farmer and His Empathic Pigs.

Posted in Animal Welfare / Food / Products on February 17, 2015

While I was away over Christmas I took the opportunity to visit some organic farms up the coast. As I drove into one in particular, through the lush winding road in the Byron Hinterland the farmer from Sunforrest Organic Pig farm, called to say he was going to be an hour late to our meeting. One of his WWOOFer’s was a vegan. He had liked working on the farm with the animals but that morning, before I got there, they were rounding the pigs up to take them to the slaughterhouse […]

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The Majestic Fish We Are Eating To Extinction

Posted in Food / Products on December 16, 2014

Tuna are one of the largest, most wondrous fish in our oceans. They are able to accelerate faster than a sports car, can dive 250m in less that one minute, and when allowed to live out their lives, can grow up to 700 kilos! However we are rapidly ripping them out of our oceans and causing havoc while we do so. There has been much press in recent years about the global problem, yet it blows my mind we continue to perpetuate the issue by consuming such vast quantities. These […]

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Cleaning The Dirty Dishes

Posted in Products on October 24, 2014

Any mother of young children knows how much time is spent cleaning up the seemingly endless dishes and clothes! A clean house is important but greater on my list of values, is my children’s health and unfortunately in standard cleaning products there are a host of toxic chemicals that we lather on our plates we and our children eat off and clothes we then put on our and their growing sensitive bodies. These chemicals also go down the drain and into the environment and end up in lakes, streams and drinking-water […]

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What Are You Painting On With Your Nail Polish?

Posted in Products on August 14, 2014

While I don’t wear nail polish on my fingernails, I love a good pedicure, especially as I do yoga most mornings and end up staring at my toes! However I do not really want to walk around with toxic chemicals hardened to part of my body. And yes, you can absorb them through your nail bed, especially if you are like me and wear nail polish the majority of the time. I must add that while I was pregnant I avoided nail polish altogether and recommend the same to other […]

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I would rather go naked. And I did.

Posted in Animal Welfare / Products on August 04, 2014

The first time I was exposed to an anti-fur campaign was as a 17 year old at fashion week, when a group of activists jumped onto the catwalk with signs that read “I’d rather go naked then wear fur”. I was in awe. I couldn’t believe that someone would dare to put themselves in the spotlight  and speak out against an atrocity in such a public way. Yet something in me stirred and was ignited. It’s not my style to jump on to a stage, but a few years later […]

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Salad Dressings Making or Breaking your Meal?

Posted in Food / Health / Products on July 22, 2014

Salads are a staple of a healthy diet as they are an easy way to get a whole range of green leafy and fresh vegetables in, full of nutrients and live enzymes. Plus a good salad can taste great and be satisfying as well but the quickest way to make or spoil a salad is through the dressing you use. I highly recommend staying  far away from any of the dressing in the supermarkets and trying some super simple delicious options yourself that are really are a no brainer. Supermarket […]

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My soft spot for cashmere

Posted in Products on June 02, 2014

I live a healthy vegan life but I have a soft spot for splurging on hot salty chips and soft cashmere jumpers. I happily gave up leather over 10 years ago, but have never got over my love for a beautiful cashmere sweater with my reasoning being that leather for me is the skin of a dead animal, while the cashmere wool from a goat has not resulted in it’s suffering or death. The cashmere industry has exploded in recent years with large fashion companies cashing in on their buying […]

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Choosing Cruelty-Free Make-up that works

Posted in Products on May 21, 2014

I would like to say that my healthy lifestyle means I wake up looking so fresh that I don’t even need makeup… but that few years with little-to-no sleep with my babies, the natural ageing process and Australia’s wonderful yet fierce sun, takes its toll. A little help in the way of some concealer, blush and mascara goes a long way to helping this mamma look closer to how I feel every morning! It is easy to be swayed to buy cosmetics from big brands with huge sexy campaigns behind […]

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Quinoa sourced down under

Posted in Food / Products on April 15, 2014

Quinoa (kin-wah) is a grain like crop originally derived from South America.  Majority of the quinoa in the world is grown on the altiplano, a huge, cold, barren 14,000-foot Andean plateau across parts of Bolivia and Peru. A true grain comes from a plant that is a member of the grass family but quinoa is actually a seed  but it is commonly referred to as a grain and is prepared like one. It does not contain any gluten and is great if you are gluten-free, trying  diet with no grains or […]

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