How Death Got Me To Disconnect To Reconnect

Posted in Lifestyle on February 06, 2017

My screen has been switched off for three months, after death came into my life last year and forced me to disconnect, to reconnect. Within two months, three people in my circle passed away – and I do not claim in any way to feel the same shock or grief as their spouses or children, but with their passing, I was still managed to be knocked off my projectory. And with the force that this universe has, if there was any doubt I was being called elsewhere, ( right back […]

The Ins and Outs of What You Need To Know When Choosing Your Salmon

Posted in Animal Welfare / Food on November 16, 2016

Salmon is one of the most popular fish to consume around the globe and here in Australia more farmed salmon is produced than any other species of seafood and we eat tens of thousands of tonnes of it a year. But interestingly, consumers are often unaware the salmon they are eating is not wild, but actually from factory aquaculture farms in Tasmania; bred in trays, raised in cramped tanks and dyed pink with chemicals. This big business is worth an estimated 700 million dollars and is dominated by three main companies,  Tassal, […]

What Small Changes You Can Make To Start Big Shifts

Posted in Lifestyle on November 09, 2016

Just because we don’t want to know about it, or because we close our eyes to it, does that mean we are not supporting acts of cruelty that don’t match up with our value system? What could we do instead? I am certainly not perfect, and in the book I am almost finished, I speak about the challenges that I have faced with living a “cruelty-free” life and continue to learn about. It really is a journey of evolving and since life is messy not linear, we can do our […]

Exchanging Energy With Our Food

Posted in Animal Welfare on October 31, 2016

What are your thoughts on energy and our ability to experience/share/exchange others energy with whom we interact with? Call me sensitive, but when I am around someone who is really angry, I can feel it, and when I am around someone who is depressed, I can sense it. I am certainly not alone in this, very normal sensation of “picking up on energy”. The energy can intensify when large groups of people take on similar emotions, such as joy (think about the buzz at festivals) or such as fear. Fear […]

Yin Yoga Teacher, Melanie McLaughlin On Creating Balance In Our Practice and Our Lives

Posted in Health / Lifestyle / People on October 27, 2016

I recently did my yin yoga teacher training with one of the most wonderful woman and teacher I have been lucky to cross paths with. Mel holds space in her yin classes with such feminine serenity, that still manages to be mixed with strength as she subtly guides you through the deeply moving class with her stunning voice. Not only do I love her classes and loved her inspirational and knowledgable training – I love what she is about and I am not the only one… She is the real […]

How The Elephants and Orangutans Need Our Help

Posted in Animal Welfare on October 27, 2016

For the last month I have written a few articles for One Green Planet and want to share a couple of them with you. What really got my heart beating when I was researching about the elephants and the orang-utans, is that the outlook for their future  is gloomy and devastatingly that future is estimated to become a reality within as little as a decade. I’m talking gone from the wild – and these estimations are not scare-tactics, we already are seeing many of the beautiful large species declining to […]

It’s All In The Attitude; Abundance Over Scarcity

Posted in Lifestyle on September 16, 2016

What is the first thing you think about when you wake up in the morning? Or the thoughts that swim around your mind before you fall asleep? What are the automatic reactions that you have throughout your day, as you incur setbacks or hiccups – as we all do as we travel through life. These moments can be what paints the background of our art piece, that give our life the tone of the overall picture. Often we are not even aware what pallet we are choosing because it is […]

Marc’s Quest For Life – A New Approach To Cancer

Posted in Health / People on September 09, 2016

I have a dear friend, Marc Garside. And unless a miracle happens, he is dying. But his illness — and his quest for life — have not been in vain. The epic rollercoaster of a journey he and his family have shared over the last year has been one that has touched many hearts and raised much needed awareness about Immunotherapy, an “alternative” cancer treatment that is having many successes where the outlook was otherwise hopeless and is changing the way we look at treating cancer. “Immunotherapy is more than […]

The AMAZING chef, Tracy Noelle Shares Shojin Ryorui.

Posted in Animal Welfare / Food / People on September 01, 2016

Don’t you love it when the universe provides you what you have been praying for! I meet Tracy at a dinner party ( a Mexican vegan one at that) one night after I had spent all week talking about how I would love to have someone like-minded and as passionate about educating others in how fun and healthy a cruelty-free life can be, to join me on The Compassionate Road. Tracy is an amazing chef and vegan – and while I love cooking (and I am a little obsessed with […]

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