Cruelty-Free Beauty with Emmily Banks

Posted in People / Products on November 21, 2015

Today I chatted with Emmily Banks who is a natural makeup-artist, eco-beauty advocate and founder of Depths of Beauty  and one smiling, awesome chick! Emmily is extremely passionate about sharing the importance of non-toxic beauty products for the health of our planet and its people, and is the perfect person to do so as she truly radiates beauty with her natural vibe and brilliant attitude. Much of the cosmetics we use today are full of nasties that can make their way into our bloodstream, especially after use day after day […]

Sentient Beings or Tools of Research?

Posted in Animal Welfare on November 20, 2015

“Ask the experimenters why they experiment on animals and the answer is: ‘Because animals are like us.’ Ask the experimenters why it is morally okay to experiment on animals, and the answer is: ‘Because the animals are not like us.’ Animal experimentation rests on a logical contradiction.”Prof. Charles R. Magel I started this post looking at the movement that is happening to the ‘Makeover the World‘ a campaign that is spreading worldwide to not to use animals to develop new products or ingredients for cosmetics to no longer market products […]

What to Know When Choosing a Baby Formula

Posted in Food / Health / Products on September 10, 2015

My babies both hung off my breasts until 18 months. Beautiful and bonding yes, it also meant I was committed to being with them all the time and that often I felt like a cow. For me it worked, I loved the experience- the good and the bad- and I believe if possible it is the best option for your child for nutrition, for ease (no washing bottles etc), cost (although I was eating huge amounts of food) and immunity. However it doesn’t run smoothly for everyone. Lucky for me […]

The Small Shiny Treasures Along The Way

Posted in Lifestyle on August 28, 2015

I don’t want to bypass the sweetness that life has to offer just to be on a “healthy” path or to reach “success”. For me it’s the little, often insignificant things that tally up each day that bring me the most happiness and peace when I close my eyes to sleep. I could die in that moment and be satisfied. Not because I have fulfilled my dreams or goals and not because I have “achieved” anything in particular. I’m not disregarding that reaching and striving for our ambitions can give us a […]

Would You Still Wear Crocodile Leather If You Knew This?

Posted in Animal Welfare on August 08, 2015

I like luxurious, beautiful things. A little superficial? Perhaps. I know I can happily live without them yet feel lucky to enjoy some of them. For me, something cannot be beautiful and cruel at the same time… it just doesn’t equate, because as cheesy as it sounds, I view beauty with a holistic lens. So with this in mind, no matter how “trendy” a bag is, if it is made out of crocodile leather, I can’t see it as beautiful knowing what I know. Crocodile leather handbags and watch straps are used […]

What’s The Ecological Impact of Feeding our Domestic Pets?

Posted in Animal Welfare / Lifestyle / Products on August 02, 2015

I have two beautiful fur babies – schnauzers – that I consider as part of our family. I always had dogs growing up and couldn’t imagine not sharing my home with a furry friend. And I’m not the only one; 4.5 million of us in Australia are dog “owners”, 2.5 million have cats, in the UK there are 8 million cats and 8 million dogs, and in the US, 40% of households have a dog. In total there are currently around 1 billion pet cats and dogs worldwide, giving love and affection […]

Whats The Go With Fake Meats?

Posted in Food / Health on July 20, 2015

When we choose to reduce or cut out the animal products in our diet for whatever reason, often we are still left with the desire for the familiarity of the foods we once loved. My father loved bacon and egg fry ups and so part of making the transition easier for him when he became vegetarian (as part of his healing from cancer), was sometimes having what I call “fakin bakin.” Meat substitute products and dishes are popular in many vegetarian asian meals and you see them especially in LA where […]

The Difference between Giving Up and Listening to Your Intuition.

Posted in Lifestyle on June 19, 2015

I find the balance between fear and intuition interesting and sometimes hard to distinguish. When we are all gung-ho on “making things work” in western society and defining our success on material wealth – giving up and quitting is generally not looked upon favourably. Got to make it work… I believe that there is a time, when you really are not feeling the love anymore, that perhaps it’s time to let it go. Yep. Time to call it quits. Scary. Because no matter what goals you set out to achieve […]

Shark Fin Ban: Time To Put It Into Practise

Posted in Animal Welfare / Food on June 12, 2015

I went for yum cha last week with my daughter for her friend’s birthday party. As we walked in there was tank upon tank of fish and lobsters on death row. It was interesting for me to watch the children’s reactions as most of them banged on the tanks, amused, yet my daughter sadly went to the lobster, looked at me and said,  ” Mum, don’t people realise that lobster is probably 80 years old and now they are just going to kill him?” She was referring to a campaign […]

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