Health Benefits of Fermented Vegetables and Demonstration How to Make

Posted in Food / Health on April 25, 2016

Naturopathic health treatments often focus on making sure our digestive tract health is optimum, not only for our digestive functions, but because it also affects our moods and immune system. One easy way to help increase the health of your GIT is to included fermented foods in your diet. Fermented foods are rich in live bacteria that replenish the micro biome, helping it maintain the right proportion of friendly bacteria for optimal health, examples include sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha and kefir. They also can increases micronutrients as some bacteria can increase […]

Treating Fungal Infections Naturally and Effectively

Posted in Health on March 15, 2016

There is something icky about the thought of a fungus living on you – even the word fungus conjures up a range of uncomfortable images and sensations. Dandruff, white spots on our skin, athletes foot, jock itch… none of them pretty, yet all are relatively common and all can be caused by form of fungi, either of tinea or candida. They can cause itching, cracking, white spots on our skin, rashes between crevices and other unsightly symptoms, and while none are endangering our health, they are better to be addressed […]

Satiating Our Appetite with Intelligent Beings – The Octopus

Posted in Animal Welfare on March 02, 2016

Octopus have got my little family in a whirl. I am normally the one who gets in a tizzy about the injustices and inconsistencies with the way society and people treat animals, but the topic of the octopus, was fittingly brought up by my husband. He was visiting a work colleague who had recently accidentally caught an octopus in a lobster trap and now has him locked in a small aquarium in his office. My husband asks dozens of questions when something gets his attention – it can feel like […]

Mastering Your Mean Girl… and Mine

Posted in People on February 05, 2016

I have a host of wonderful people in my life. Melissa Ambrosini, author and business coach, is one of them. She runs online courses, is a public speaker and self-love “guru”. Her new book, “Mastering Your Mean Girl” is already a best-seller. It is a tool that, I believe, can change the way young girls will live their lives, if they get it into their hands early enough and Mel is determined to see that happen. It is also full of information and calls-to-action, for ANY aged woman, and men, […]

Maintaining The Mane Naturally and Cruelty-Free

Posted in Products on February 04, 2016

I feel like I am an onion sometimes; continuously peeling back the layers, finding it can make my eyes water, but then clearing me out to feel oh, so much better. My latest “layer” has been letting go of chemical-filled conditioners. After some unlucky tries years ago, I didn’t think I could find a natural conditioner that worked on my dry, thick hair. I have committed to natural shampoos for myself and all hair products for my children, so it was time to find a conditioner. And I am so […]

Are You Awake Or Hitting The Snooze Button?

Posted in Lifestyle on February 02, 2016

I strongly feel there is an awakening happening in the collective consciousness right now. Health and wellness is a booming industry, the organic movement is gaining steam swiftly and spiritual teachings are best selling novels and sell-out seminars. I have a positive view that this is a tipping point of a revolution…. There is still cruelty being inflicted around the world in unprecedented amounts to humans, animals and the planet, by powerful companies and people driven by greed, completely ignorant to the connection as a whole. But no great changes […]

Why You Want To Detox To Start Your New Year

Posted in Health on January 26, 2016

After the silly season most of us have over-indulged and perhaps not been exercising as much as normal. I know when I put on a dress for my friends wedding on New Year’s Day I was not too happy that it almost didn’t fit over my backside! Surely those couple of weeks of a few too many pizzas and hot chips hadn’t affected me that quickly!? The dress said otherwise. For me my main concern is not how I look but how I feel and I know most of us […]

The Power Of Conscious Connection and Support

Posted in Lifestyle on January 19, 2016

Each year along this journey of life I am becoming more acutely aware at how important the support networks I surround myself with are and at what magnificent power there is, a magic, when we come together in a space of deep trust and vulnerability and share our highs, our lows and more significantly, everything that makes up the in-between; our raw “humanness”. I have also found that when we are truly sharing, we can resonate and deeply grasp the sense that I AM NOT ALONE. That we are all […]

The Beauty Of Less: Minimalist Living

Posted in People on January 11, 2016

After this year’s Christmas, I am committing to living a more minimalist life this year and going forward! While I love that time of the year, the excess in consumerism, packaging and over-indulgence leaves me feeling more than a little gross. Especially when I think of what it means in terms of the impact of the earth when it is multiplied by billions of us. Just imagine how much waste was created just from opening presents on Christmas day! Two wonderful examples of living this way consciously are Michael and […]

GUILTY. I Didn’t Know How Cute Silk Worms Are!

Posted in Animal Welfare / Products on December 15, 2015

My children bought 4 silkworms at the Steiner School Fair a few weeks ago. I didn’t think much of it, I just made sure we got a big box, that they were content and had plenty of fresh mulberry leaves. What I didn’t realise was that I would grow to care for the little caterpillars as I became fascinated watching them munch away on the leaves, growing bigger each day, moulting and finally weaving their magic silk cocoons for 2 days- out of one single 900 metre thread. They then […]

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