Beetroot Slaw

Posted in Food on November 29, 2015

I know the flavour of raw beetroot isn’t everyones favourite but I love the earthy, rooty taste. For me it is especially great as a side and when I am in need of grounding personally. My girlfriend serves a version of this slaw and I just LOVE it so wanted to share it. You can grate it for a main light salad or blitz it and have it as a side serving with almost anything, even goes great on toast and in wraps.


2 green apples, cut roughly

3 beetroots, cut roughly and peeled

1 bunch of coriander

Juice of 1 lemon

1 carrot

salt to taste


Either grate or blitz it all in a food processor, depending on what texture you like. Mix it with the lemon and salt.

If you want to try and get your children to eat it you can add another apple to make it sweeter. I also love it topped with dukka as shown.

Beetroot Slaw

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